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In these challenging times we're facing numerous hurdles—from rising costs to higher taxes. While we've made progress, there's still much to be done. I remain committed to advocating for policies that benefit our communities directly.

Change takes time, and our journey is just beginning.

Our progress has been possible thanks to your dedication and support. Please join us again by volunteering and donating today.

Together, we can keep moving forward.



Re-elect rick November 5

About Rick

My wife, Pennie, and I have dedicated most of our lives to public service, celebrating thirty-eight years of marriage and raising four remarkable boys: Ricky, Michael, Matthew, and Nathaniel. We're also blessed with seven cherished grandsons.

Our roots are deeply ingrained in Kansas, particularly in the Miltonvale and Concordia area, where I developed a love for the outdoors through activities like fishing, hunting, and camping by our lakes.

Together, Pennie and I pursued a B.A. in Theology and Ministerial Studies at Trinity College in North Dakota, which sparked further studies in marriage counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, and clinical pastoral education (CPE). This led to roles as Police and Hospice Chaplains in clinical settings.

Since May 1998, we've served in pastoral ministry within the Topeka community. Additionally, we spent 20 years in the real estate industry before founding Gods Storehouse in June 2009. Over the past 15 years, as directors, we've witnessed its remarkable growth, thanks to the hard work of our dedicated staff who bring our vision to life every day.

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Rick’s record is



Cut Taxes

Limit Regulations

Ensure Safety

Advocate for Property Rights

Reduce Government Size

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Family Man

Rick Kloos is a dedicated family man who prioritizes his loved ones. He cherishes time with his family, supports his children's endeavors, and enjoys being with his grandchildren. Rick exemplifies the values of love, commitment, and unity, making his family the foundation of his character and guiding his actions in both his personal life and community service.

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